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For payment and session related clarifications, Please Call 7373878666 / WhatsApp ( between 10 AM - 6 PM IST )

I can write a full book on how wonderful Happy motherhood is. I am a second time mother ,however attending the happy motherhood sessions completely changed my perspective about pregnancy and labour. Before HM I did not realize the significance of bonding with the baby even while in the womb and how much impact even an expecting mother has on the baby's development. The techniques suggested are unique and enjoyable on so many levels. Doing activities together has vastly increased the bonding and positivity in my family. Highly recommended for expecting parents ! Truly wish I could have attended happy motherhood classes when I had my first one. Thank you to Anandhi ma'am ,Priya ma'am and the entire HM team! They are forever smiling and emit a lot of positive vibes - just being around them will be good for the baby :)


Hai we are really feel so happy to be a part of happy motherhood. they taught us several things and useful things to follow up on pregancy time and the result is really make us wonder. it happened as it is what we expect. Once agin our hearty thanks to their support throughout pregnancy i wish them to be a great step ahead on this .. And now we happy to join again for parenting and our special thanks to Anandhi madam for their motivational speech .All the best

Right place to be positive always. The way anandhi mam speak to you is seriously different.. You can feel the positive vibration when we are there.. I didn't believe in these things before.. But now I can understand that its very important that our vibration will pass on to our child.. To be Frank I have never posted reviews to anything even if they ask.. But this time its different.. I must thank my friend to help me find out happy motherhood.. Thank you very much anandhi ma'am..

Baby Sleeping

Reading birth stories would let everyone know that:

  • by reading one's story, definitely it will be a motivation for the expecting moms

  • how one's birth experience was

  • how one overcame labor pain

  • how the tips and techniques learnt in Happy Motherhood helped in one's entire pregnancy days


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