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Post Natal Happy Motherhood

I initially attended pregnancy session and it was simply magical. It made my pregnancy such a joyful journey and so smooth that I could work effortlessly till the last day. And with Ananthi's guidance, no pregnancy issues could pin me down because of the diet and lifestyle changes suggested. The tips shared during these sessions are for life and I still continue to follow them.
After delivery, I also attended New born care lite program and it was very helpful and ensured I had no sleepless nights. Very important tips to acclimitize baby in the new environment and stimulating their brain. It also helped my baby follow a schedule right from 1st month. Will definitely recommend to all new mothers.

Mrs Divya Ganesan

Happy Motherhood has helped reduce my anxiety being a first time mother. It has made this journey a positive and fun filled one. Very helpful and informative classes

Mrs Priya Pillai

After the first session with Anandi mam, it gave very big confidence. I started following some disciplines in day to day activities. The experiences from earlier program participants boosting our confidence more. Thank you so much.


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