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A dream turned into a passion

Since 2011

Touched the lives of 10,000 + women & mothers. Still counting on.......


—  Mrs Ananthi Ragupathy


Women & Mothers Recommend

Mrs. Akila Kandasamy

I strongly recommend the mom to be's to join happy motherhood and enjoy parenthood.
I have achieved my VBAC through the breathing n visualisation techniques and positive thoughts towards labour which learnt from happy motherhood. Bonding techniques are very simple activities which gives amazing results. And diet plan helped a lot to cope with pregnancy, during labour and post delivery recovery. After pregnancy till date, Anandi Mam is giving guidance and support for all the aspects in baby care.more over my perspective towards ppl and surrounding got improved.

One of the best thing I did in my life is to choose this happy motherhood class. I don know how many birth educators are soo close with their members. But anandhi mam will be there for you all the time and give her suggestions and advice throughout your pregnancy and after tat too. The total perspective of the pregnancy have been changed after the first session itself. She 'll make your pregnancy a happy journey . You can feel the magic in her words at once you saw your baby. The money you spent on this class worth nothing when compared to their services. Happy to be a happy motherhood mom.

I was very skeptical and scary during the first few months of pregnancy. After attending Happy Motherhood sessions, I realised the power of positive thinking and it's importance on pregnant mother as well as the child. Myself and my husband got a lot of insights about the pregnancy after the sessions. Strongly recommend for first time mothers      (especially those who have no support from parents and in-laws).

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